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Welcome to the European Snowfinch Group

The European Snowfinch Group is a working group created in 2016 to coordinate research activities dealing with the European populations of (white-winged) snowfinch (Montifringilla nivalis), and to promote and monitoring the conservation of this species.

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Network Snowfinch Specialist Group

The European Snowfinch Group is an Informal Group of snowfinch European specialists open to other researchers working with that species.

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European Snowfinch Group goals

The major aim of the group is to coordinate and aggregate experiences and researchers.

We think that coordinating efforts at a wider scale is particularly compelling, especially in the light of the potentially dramatic impacts of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystems at high elevation, which appear particularly sensitive to climate warming and for which the snowfinch is a good flagship species and biological model.

The specific aims of the project at its beginning are the following:

• to establish a network of specialists and to review the ongoing and recently concluded projects throughout Europe;

• to develop a coordinated strategic approach in order to foster synergism among researchers and projects;

• to share information and develop common research protocols;

• to improve and optimize field effort and quality of data collection, to develop large-scale analyses;

All those information will be soon organized in a manual, which will be available to all the network participants.

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Colored ring projects


Scientific publications by members of the European Snowfinch Group

(Latest publications of the two-year period 2019-2021)

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List of Montifringilla nivalis colored ring projects in Europe

An important goal of the entire European Snowfinch Group is to ensure that color combinations do not overlap.

With the collaboration European color-ring Birding:

Agreed coordinators for all species:

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Erratic movements of the Snowfinch through the Alps


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