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Networking with this species

A network connecting snowfinch researchers to work sinergically on the species' ecology and on the effects of climate change on the species population in Europe.

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Group membership working with this species

The European Snowfinch Group currently involved several researchers and ornithologists working on monitoring, research and conservation of the species in different European countries.

The group is open to (Group) everyone actively working on the species on a scientific basis, sharing objectives and principles of the group and available to share experiences and knowledge.

If you wish to become a member of the European Snowfinch Group, please contact the project secretariat.

The coordinating committee would evaluate all the membership applications.

For all approved requests, the applicants should formally approve the publication of their names and contact details on the website of the European Snowfinch Group.

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Secretariat - Conduction Group - Steering Committee

Registered researchers involved in Snowfinch projects

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